In Bamboo We Trust

About Studio WNA

Studio WNA is a bamboo architecture consultant in Bali, Indonesia. We are  only focus in bamboo architecture design, also in bamboo product design and bamboo interior design. We have a lot of experiences in bamboo architecture  design and construction in Indonesia and overseas. We only use bamboo for our main material at our projects, but sometime we tries  combine with some other materials to enrich our design.

Our Bamboo Projects

We have many projects in Indonesia, like in Bali, Lombok, Sumba, Nias, West Java, Central Kalimantan,  and other places.  Also we have some projects out side Indonesia like in India, Malaysia, Thailand and Cina. For last few years we also made some bamboo workshops for architecture students, bamboo lovers, and some communities in Indonesia. Our workshop ideas are shared our knowledge and experiences about how to plant bamboo, make a good bamboo preservation, making scale bamboo models and hand on training to build the bamboo buildings.

Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact me at   [email protected]  and [email protected] or from ‘contact us’ at this web site.

Also please visit our instagram at @studioWNA .

Any private questions will reply as soon as possible to you. We will do our best to serve you.