Private Bamboo Scale Model Workshop for Beginner.
In our studio at Bali, we open for all the architect students, junior architects, or all of bamboo lovers to learn with us how to make a good design of bamboo scale model with 1:50 scale. You can learn how to make an amazing bamboo scale model and implement it on site. The joinery system is the most important thing that you can learn from us.

Client              : Architecture Students, Junior Architect & Bamboo Lovers.

Location        :  In our studio (studio WNA), Bali Indonesia.

Time & Date:  Every day at 9am to 4pm. 6 hours full time. ( 1 hour for lunch break).

Tools              : We will prepare all the tools that you need.

Site Visit       : If there is a project of us that on progess in Bali, we will invite you to come and learn it on site.