Hideout Beehive. Bali. Indonesia

Client    : Jarmil & Alena

Architect    : Colaboration beetween Widhi Nugroho & Jarmil/Alena

Size        : 41 sqm & 38 sqm

Site        : Selat, Karangasem, Bali . Indonesia.

Website      :  hideoutbali.com

Photos Credit      :  Hideout Beehive  (Jarmil & Alena)

Date      :  2017

Description Project : This Hideout Beehive is a part of Hideout Bali glamping (glamour camping) compound. There are some small bamboo glamping in this compound, Hideout light room, Hideout Bali & Hideout Beehive. Now glamping is the new way to stay and enjoy the nature of Bali.